Natural food engineering solutions

We have been innovating for over 10 years in revolutionising the preserving and structuring of food and beverages. Stoak has a foundational philosophy of finding natural and organic solutions, based in history but modernised in production and efficacy.
Our solutions have enabled our customers to evolve their products. We are able to deliver more stability, longer shelf life, better quality, improved flavor and profile whilst providing significant cost saving benefits, all whilst delivering a greener, healthier, more organic and sustainable solution.
Stoak is committed to proven solutions delivering client and customer value. We operate and have partnerships in over 20 countries and 4 continents, providing essential backup and assistance to food and beverage customers globally.
Oak wood has been known for generations as a source of natural and effective
anti-bacterial protection. Stoak has been able to develop a considered process that delivers a range of highly effective preservatives made up of both antimicrobial and anti-oxidative elements, providing breakthrough solutions for companies looking for natural protection and shelf life preservation.
Stoak provides food and beverage companies with a unique range of structuring agents, we are able to deliver a more complex and balanced profile with outstanding mouthfeel and smoothness. This allows product refinement, faster processing times, new product extensions and cost efficiency and savings in managing barrelling programs and replacement strategies.

Harnessing Nature

Stoak’s biotech extract is delivered by the underlying stability and complexity of oak wood. We are able to deliver a range of unique organic solutions by targeting the core congeners in oak wood. We currently have two distinct bio-tech processes that deliver two distinct value offerings.
We extract the naturally preserving, antioxidant and antimicrobial elements contained in oak wood. This allows our food and beverage customers to extend shelf life and freshness. We separately extract unique flavor, color and structuring agents through a separate process that provides oak based profiling, maturation, complexity and mouthfeel desirable for wine and spirits customers.
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