rapid spirits ageing with WLT150


Designed to deliver the optimal dosage of oak-derived phenolics and metabolites, WLT 150 delivers superb flavor and improved mouthfeel, leaving treated product with a balanced smoothness and rounding desired by distillers and their customers alike.

The extract conveniently introduces the same characteristics that a new or first-fill oak barrel typically bestows on spirits during ageing, but eliminates the hastles of process inefficiency. WLT 150 is derived from the same French and American oak wood from which barrels are constructed, but presents the essence of this oak in a concentrated liquid form.

Because it is derived from the same wood, WLT 150 contains the same core components associated with the traditional barrel aged maturation process and can enhance spirits character in a similar way. It can complement a traditional barrel-ageing process. But WLT 150 may also serve as an effective oak alternative, because the extract on its own can impart authentic oaky characteristics more effectively than a barrel. By improving production efficiency and improving maturation times, either application can have a major impact on cost whilst simultaneously delivering a superior quality product.


We processed in excess of 36 000 litres of raw spirit which had distinct off notes and a harsh flavour profile, the treatment with Stoak resulted in a finish comparable with a wood aged product as well as rounding the product and providing a saleable product with a pleasant flavour profile.
Michael Veysie, Halewood
We 100% trust WLT-150 French to get the wood flavour and some effect on the mouthfeel of our brandies. It works for us. We add WLT-150 French in our process after maturation into our bulk tank before blending and we have never had issues with using it in our production.

We do not see this as added cost because it improves our quality

This product is easy to use and easy to add to the spirits. It gives not only flavour but mouthfeel and taste as well.

Master Distiller, International Bulk Spirits Group
I was always taught about old traditional methods of ageing spirits, but since I’ve used Stoak’s products in my spirit ranges, I truly believe Stoak will revolutionize the spirit industry. The quality of the product gives unbelievable results when used providing unprecedented complexity to spirits.
Roy Bowler, The Spirit Press
We have been using WLT150 for over 18 months on a number of our spirit ranges including our Flagship Tequila, which recently won double gold for its remarkably smooth character with the complex and original agave flavor.
Marc van Niekerk, Select Beverage Company
WLT has resulted in significant time saving and barrel replacement efficiencies, which has enabled us to meet our export business growth for the next 2 years.
Product Manager, Mexican Tequila Exporter


WLT 150 is supplied in three unique variants derived from either 150-year-old French oak, 90-year-old American oak, or a blend of the two. For the first time, this allows the distiller to dial in the profile of maturation and oak tones characteristic of these two species. This provides an unprecedented level of control and precision – from the development of a new product all the way to dialling in your final blend.


WLT150 is made using the same original 150 year old French or 90 year old American oak wood used to make oak barrels.

The same congeners that are extracted over years from the sidewall of the barrel are extracted by WLT for application on a molecular level with your spirits.

Distillers are able to fine tune their spirits blend by adding WLT150.


Traditional ageing of spirits places a major cost burden on distillers and spirits brands. Aged oak is also increasingly scarce, and as efficacity deteriorates with use barrel availability is is becoming a global challenge. Very few industries are restricted to centuries-old technologies or wait for years before their products are market-ready.

The wine industry has embraced modern methodologies and approaches to improve the art of making wine; isn’t it time that the spirits industry did the same?


The traditional ageing, finishing and blending processes involve a significant amount of work. This often includes the need to move and agitate 80-gallon barrels. The use of chips and staves is also challenging and requires additional effort removing residues from the finished product and the barrels.

WLT 150 is in a highly convenient and effective liquid dosage form which is stored at room temperature. The dosage can be progressively increased until the desired profile is achieved, allowing the distiller complete control and convenience.


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