Schrumpfendes Angebot treibt die Barrelpreise in die Höhe

Global supply shortages are driving the rocketing price of barrels globally, with no end in sight. The idea of paying over $ 3,000 for a 160 gallon barrel in the near future is a scary prospect that will impact profit and sales competition across the industry. Delays in delivery by more than 6 months [...]

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Zeit etwas zu ändern

There is no greater commodity than your time, the cost of it seems to just go up every year and yet for distillers often time is the "heart of the art". The delicate and subtle changes that only happen over long periods of time in a barrel can never be substituted, no matter the [...]

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Ein neues Tool in Blending

For many distillers the real challenge of producing fine spirits is in the art of maturation and blending. Many of these same distillers are challenged to maturing their spirits in casks that may no longer be at their best ! The cost pressure of a solid barrel replacement or rejuvenation strategy, means that all [...]

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COVID – Hilfe für Brennereien

COVID - Can we help ? In an environment where the closure of on-premise retail establishments as well as the potential closure or limited access to retail outlets during the COVID crisis all of which will have a significant impact on the financial health of most distillers. There is likely to be a  backlog [...]

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WLT150 in China – Chinesische Lebensmittel- und Getränkemesse 2019

China’s large and rapidly growing middle class is boosting demand for spirits both local and international. The volume of large international brands represented was however dwarfed by the vollume of Baidu and local styled eastern based spirits. Like western palettes the ultimate reflection of the quality of a spirit is measured not only in [...]

WLT150 in China – Chinesische Lebensmittel- und Getränkemesse 20192024-01-12T06:54:40+00:00

Die Zukunft – WLT150

We are committed to helping distillers around the globe to delivering the best possible aged spirits, helping them delivery both outstanding quality as well as solutions that are focused on economy, efficiency and value maximisation. We strongly believe that the romance of barrel ageing cannot be substituted but also that modern distillers have to [...]

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Unsere Leidenschaft für herausragende Spirituosen

Our passion at WLT150 is to produce the highest quality products that have a profound impact on the distilling process and that enhance the quality of the spirits we work with. To do so consistently and diligently using the highest quality natural raw materials in our production processes, in a considerate and sustainable manner. [...]

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Das Team – WLT150

The WLT150 team is fuelled by passion and driven by results, we have a unique spirit of co-operation between out distributors John Fearless, our executives driving the business and our production and science staff, all of us have unique competencies necessary to deliver a world class technology to a unique and discerning industry. One [...]

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Strategische Partner – WLT150

The WLT150 team concludes a strategic partnership with John Fearless a company focused on providing products and services to the alcoholic beverage industry in the USA and other countries with the highest quality raw materials ingredients. We recognised that in order to be able to reach the right audience, to develop the market for [...]

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Test Test Test

During our development of the WLT150 extract a key focus was ensuring that extensive testing was carried out, key questions about optimising the delivery of the extract had to be answered, we looked at the full range of distilling options, spirit types and typical activities and where best to dose WLT150, these included What [...]

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