The ongoing pandemic and economic instability are having significant effects on the beer supply chain issues and there is no end in sight. Craft beer delivery is taking months longer to get to retailers and customers. In fact, 80% of breweries are experiencing beer delivery delays. As soon as beer leaves the brewery, it is already starting to age. Most beers are starting to go off before even reaching the customer.

“On average, for every one case of beer that goes out of code, the distributor must sell five cases to make up for it.”

Craft beer is highly sensitive to temperature changes and has a limited shelf life. Supply chain delays, disruptions, and extended periods out of refrigeration are causing beer to go off before it reaches consumers. Heat, vibration, and light are major stressors that cause the essential hop and bitter characteristics to fade. These stresses also introduce undesired flavors and color change.

Brew Shield is a 100% natural, organically certified stabiliser. It protects your beer so that it can stand up to time, heat, and handling, leaving it tasting like it was just brewed, for as long as possible.
Brew Shield is an antioxidant with preservative qualities. Hop and bitter characteristics are protected by Brew Shield while the undesired color change and flavor loss is delayed.
Brew Shield has the ability to increase the shelf life of craft beer for up to 6 months, giving brewers peace of mind when shipping their beer.

In a time of major uncertainty, protecting your beer is more important than ever.