Our passion for outstanding spirits

Our passion at Madeva is to produce the highest quality products that have a profound impact on the distilling process and that enhance the quality of the spirits we work with. To do so consistently and diligently using the highest quality natural raw materials in our production processes, in a considerate and sustainable manner. [...]

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The Team – Madeva

The Madeva team is fuelled by passion and driven by results, we have a unique spirit of co-operation between out distributors John Fearless, our executives driving the business and our production and science staff, all of us have unique competencies necessary to deliver a world class technology to a unique and discerning industry. One [...]

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A natural progression to spirits

After working with wine for a number of years it was a natural progression for us to move into alternate areas where barrels are widely used for ageing and finishing. It turned out that one of the wine makers we were working with also distilled the grape spirit into brandy and it made sense [...]

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A start in wine

Over a 5 year period a very smart scientist figured out how to make an oak wood extract, his main aim was to help in the wine industry in the delivery of oak character in helping winemakers to round and finish their wines in the same way that has happened in barrels for centuries. [...]

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