For centuries, spirits and wines have been a fundamental part of history. From Dionysus, the Greek ‘God of Wine’ to the oldest Irish pubs, this craft has remained an honored practice. In Ancient Rome, wine was kept in clay vessels to be transported during military expeditions. While in Northern Europe, the Celts were developing the first ever wooden barrel. This creation led to the discovery that oak wood, in particular, had transformative properties. Not only did these oak barrels store spirits and wines, but they also improved flavor with age. This caused the use of barrels became a global phenomenon.

All organic products, including barrels cannot be used indefinitely. Barrels begin to lose their essential oak characteristics over extended time and use. This is because, during ageing, distillates within the barrels absorb the core components of the wood which help deliver the signature oaky smoothness, color, flavour, and sweet aroma. This continuous absorption depletes barrels making them no longer useful.


Distillers have used barrel replacement or rejuvenation methods for decades to tackle this issue of depletion. A new barrel can cost between $300, and $1200 which is a great financial burden to distillers. Distillers are increasingly turning to barrel rejuvenation and oak alternatives as cost effective options, whilst still focusing on delivering outstanding quality product.

Madeva, a new solution, is scientifically formulated from the same 150-year-old French and 90-year-old American oak wood used to construct barrels. Madeva is an alternative barrel rejuvenation method that re-introduces the essential core components to depleted barrels returning them to an almost original state. It replenishes the depleted oak molecules that have been absorbed over time. The distiller reuses old barrels, restoring them to their former molecular balance and oak potency. And creates revenue by saving you the cost of barrel replacement, and the time and complexity of oak alternatives and other barrel rejuvenation methods.

Distillers no longer have to face financial burden and production loss using traditional rejuvenation methods. Our product allows distillers to save money, volume, and avoid depletion.

Madeva replenishes the exhausted layer of wood, restoring molecular balance and oak potency to the same barrel for an increased number of fills. Allowing longevity of the barrel ageing process.

To preserve the essential oak qualities in used barrels, Madeva uses scientifically formulated 150-year-old French and 90-year-old American oak to restore the molecular balance to exhausted barrels.


Madeva is composed of readily available oak extractives, returning this molecular complexity to depleted barrels. It is an alternative approach that uses the same age-old principles and processes that coopers have trusted for decades to achieve exceptional oak extracts.

Madeva’s range of treatments encompass the same profiles in its 3 variants delivering a French oak, American oak, and Madeva Blend, an integrated variation of both French and American oak for unique spirits. This range derives itself from new, stave-quality oenological oak treated to complement distillers’ casks. Madeva is not just an extract that is representative of oak wood, it is one that is truly representative of the barrel, because as its core Madeva is oak too.


Traditionally distillers have used alternative methods to rejuvenate barrels, extending their lifespan and experimenting with new flavors. These methods, however, greatly impact production time, resulting in additional expenses.

Madeva is a natural barrel rejuvenation solution that significantly reduces the costs of restoring the natural oak characteristics of your barrels. Madeva is simple to use, cost efficient, and reduces the delay in production time that other alternatives impose.

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