The Future – Brewshield

The future of beer quality and longevity is promising and enduring, with Brewshield at the forefront of protecting the flavour, aroma and colour of award winning beer our future is bright, stable and will hopefully have a long shelf life. We are committed to helping brewers around the globe to delivering the best possible freshest [...]

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Our passion for fresh beer

Our passion at Brewshield is to produce the highest quality products that have a profound impact on the brewing process and that enhance the quality of the beer we work with. At Brewshield, our commitment to quality and sustainability drives us to consistently and diligently use the highest quality natural raw materials in our [...]

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The Team

The Brewshield team is fuelled by passion and driven by results, we have a unique spirit of co-operation between out distributors John Fearless, our executives driving the business and our production and science staff, all of us have unique competencies neccessary to deliver a world class technology to a unique and discerning industry. One [...]

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Scientific proof

Beer oxidation and staling is an unfortunate part of brewing. After working with brewers and running through extensive tests we knew that the next step had to include quantifying the level of stabilization taking place when adding Brewshield, at this point we sourced the top Beer lab in Europe and one of the most [...]

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Strategic Partners

The Brewshield team concludes a strategic partnership with John Fearless a company focused on providing brewers in the USA and other countries with the highest quality raw materials ingredients including an exclusive range of international hops. We recognised that in order to be able to reach the right audience, to develop the market for [...]

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Test Test Test

The hallmark of the finalisation of the Brewshield technology was a 8 month period of endless testing, whilst we had brewers happily using our product we needed to know more, what were the optimum conditions and results that we could expect from it ? We had to know more What dosage should be used [...]

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The word spreads

From this point forward the take up of Brewshield was largely organic and by word of mouth, breweries looking to solve their stability problems began to talk with one another and come directly to us for solutions, in some cases brewers were looking at purchasing expensive Pasteurisation equipment in an attempt to improve shelf [...]

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A chance beer encounter

After working with wine for a number of years we were approached by a close friend to see if we could help him with his craft beer. Frazer had started up Harfield Brewery, highly technical and with a love of beer and all things hops, he had been highly successful in brewing a range [...]

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A start in wine

Over a 5-year period, a very smart scientist figured out how to make an extract of oak wood, his main aim was to help in the wine industry for the reduction of SO2, everyone knows how much we love those blessed SO2 headaches the day after a few solid bottles of Napa's finest and [...]

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