The WLT150 team is fuelled by passion and driven by results, we have a unique spirit of co-operation between out distributors John Fearless, our executives driving the business and our production and science staff, all of us have unique competencies necessary to deliver a world class technology to a unique and discerning industry. One of our key focus areas is not only providing technology to facilitate outstanding product but to assist distillers in the enhancement of production efficiencies as well as major cost savings in using our product sets.

We are happy to introduce some of the guys to you here, please dont hesitate to reach out to any one of them if you have any questions, require assistance or want some trial product to get going.

The  WLT150 Team

The WLT150 team has developed the technology derived from our additive which is applied across multiple food industries under the Stoak Technologies group of companies, the team is committed to revolutionising the beer market as our primary objective, delivering ground breaking solutions to brewers globally.


Andrew heads up the sales team at WLT150, he will be your primary contact together with the John Fearless team and will guide you on your journey of stability.

You can contact Andrew directly on

Tel: +1 707 699 5117


Duncan handles all finance, legal and administration functions, if you have any logistics or operational issues, hit him up for some answers.

You can contact Duncan directly on
+27 83 702 0777


Bruce leads our technical team, he is instrumental not only in making our unique and technically complex extract but also in dealing with the more technical aspects of its operation in beer and brewing.

You can contact Bruce directly on
+27 83 408 2000

The Team that is  John Fearless

This is a unique team that makes up our distribution partners in the Americas representing John Fearless, these group of guys are highly knowledgable and experienced in all matters beer. They have worked in very large brewing operations, seen the challenges of beer stability and the commercial cost of beer that has aged too fast, lost its magic and affected the breweries that sell. This is why they and we are so passionate about what WLT150 has to offer.