Cave sem adição de sulfitos?

Consider the practicality of Wine Shield, a convenient and easy-to-use antioxidant solution that integrates easily with established cellaring practices. The rise of NSA winemaking Low sulphite winemaking is a time-honoured tradition that dates back centuries. Today, market differentiation can be a strong advantage to low- or no-sulphites-added (NSA) wine producers. A growing consumer demographic finds [...]

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A experiência de um enólogo: Wine Shield protege >1 000 000 L de vinho NSA

Summary Over one million litres (>264 000 US gal) of red and white wines were produced with no added sulphites. The wines endured controlled bulk storage conditions for up to one year, being gradually drawn down and dispatched on order over time. During the time of the project, supply chains were uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

A experiência de um enólogo: Wine Shield protege >1 000 000 L de vinho NSA2024-01-12T07:43:14+00:00

Mácula de fumaça no vinho

Wildfires have increasingly plagued some of the world’s most important wine regions over the past two decades, with notable fires in Australia, California, and recently in France. In 2020, over 10% of the Californian grape crop was not harvested. That same year, Australia had to discard more than 4% of the country’s grape crop. [...]

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