Traditional storage of beer in barrels

Traditional beer flavor….

For hundreds of years Oak Barrels were the main choice of vessel for all types of liquid storage. Oak Barrels were strong, watertight, easy to transport and easy to stack, they also imparted appealing flavor and aroma to their contents.

It is therefore no surprise that beer was both stored in oak barrels a perfect format for beer storage. These barrels delivered a familiar oak character that was appealing and complex for the average beer drinker.

A new trend in brewing

Brewers are now able to access the traditional character of Oak Barreling by adding Stoak’s Barrel Aged Oak extract.

Our product an extract of the same oak wood a cooper will use in making a traditional oak barrel. This extract is a blend of 150 year old french oak and 90 year old American oak.

This provides a balanced and subtle end product that will allow the brewer to extend his product range and deliver to customers new and innovative beer.

Oak aged character

Dosing Barrel Aged

  • Shake the container prior to opening

  • Measure out a quantity of Brew Shield

  • Add BrewShield at WHIRLPOOL

  • Alternately dose in the BRIGHT TANK

  • Ensure it is properly mixed

  • Carry out normal filtration

  • You are good to go !

Min 1.5
Max 2.0

Very small dosages of Brew Shield are required, as our extract is already in a highly concentrated liquid form. This makes measuring and adding really simple, no premixing or dissolving necessary. Brewers can fine tune the delivery of BrewShield as they wish and deliver the exact output they require (dosing shown here is all in mL dosed in 1L of beer or at a ratio of #:1000)

0Gallons of beer
From only 1.3 gallons of product
0Liters of beer
From only 5L of product
0Beer Bottles
From only 5L of product