At the cornerstone of who we are

Stoak’s technology has been developed on the basis of creating natural and organic solutions to toxic and wasteful food practices. The synthetic, carcinogenic and unsustainable raw materials used in similar applications are harmful to people and the environment and we strive to find efficient and healthy solutions to these whilst being good for the planet.


Modern food and beverage preservatives range from being generally unhealthy to those with suspicions of being dangerous. Through the progression of food and health sciences many preservatives used in the past have now been banned for their known danger. Common preservatives include Benzoates, Sorbates – including potassium sorbate, Propionates, Nitrites and Sulfites.

None of these can reasonably be considered natural and many have known allergy and health issues. All of stoaks preservative extracts are natural and organic and a far more healthy alternative to commercial grade agents.


Stoak’s structuring agents work in the same way that barrels do in the ageing of wine and spirits, the EPA details the volatile organic compounds released during ageing, primarily made up of ethanol and in quantities as high as 18% of barrel volume depending on the length and conditions of ageing. This means that an average barrel can be translates to an average saving of 50L of ethanol per barrel by making use of the WLT-150 range of products.


At Stoak our business, manufacturing, storage, packaging and sales practices are governed by a strict code of ethical and responsible principles. Much of this is audited through environmental certification and validation, however our guiding principles of behaviour and decision making within the company are driven by a core focus on solid environmental practices and to develop a company that can benefit the environment, our communities and society as a whole. We founded this business on these principles and as we grow use them daily to serve as a guide to our responsibility for a longer term healthier and happier planet.


Stoak has an established procurement protocol to ensure that all suppliers to the company have a minimum level of social and environmental compliance. We acknowledge that it is not only our practices that dictate environmental stewardship but that of our downstream partners too.

We have invested time and expense in working together with all of our partners to establish solid operating practices and activities that are both accountable and responsible.