Natural solutions for wine stability and preservation

Wine has been preserved for hundreds of years primarily using SO2, not only is it cheap and established but acts as the primary source of antioxidant and antibacterial protection. It comes with major drawbacks and safety issues. Wineshield is now available as an added option and alternative.


Wine is loaded with natural antioxidants and beneficial elements that do a great job of overall preservation. This however is not enough to keep it fresh and to retain color and aroma, wine oxidises and goes off. This can result in flatter flavor profiles, darkened colours and a neutral odour, as the wine ages further it can result in the introduction of “corked” flavors and profile.

Wineshield is an organic and natural solution to these challenges that provides winemakers a new tool in being able to manage the shelf life and quality of their wines into the long term.


Winemakers have made use of SO2 as a cheap and effective method of wine preservation for hundreds of years, yet SO2 is neither natural nor entirely healthy. SO2 has been associated with a number of allergies and indicated responses, this has resulted in SO2 content being regulated in all major wine markets globally.

Winemakers are increasingly under pressure to limit the level of SO2 addition, putting pressure on wine storage duration and conditions as well as logistics and shelf life.

Winemakers are now able to access a complimentary solution when needing to manage overall SO2 levels.


All wine is susceptible to the effects of oxidation, staling and shelf life, red wine is loaded with far more of the natural preservatives loaded in red wine skins. White wine is far more sensitive and susceptible to change due to oxidation. Clarity and light color has a far more pronounced impact of ageing and the likelihood of “pinking” is significant.

Wineshield assists in color and flavor stabilization of white wines, providing the winemaker greater comfort and security of the long term stability of their wines when adding our extract.


Winemakers face the challenge of meeting year long demand and sales through harvest that takes place once a year. Wineries have to invest in significantly greater storage and wine is stored for longer than most other beverages.

Winemakers attempt to process and entire harvest in as small a period as possible and run batch production on full tanks however this is not always possible. This means that wine is often stored for long periods in tanks and in some cases where they are less than full, all of which results in greater risk of oxidation, greater levels of SO2 dosing and a product that is stressed before it is bottled.

Wineshield can be dosed directly in tanks to protect against oxidation and damage.


Organic wine has limitations on the levels of SO2 that can be added, depending on the territory this may even mean zero added SO2. Many of these winemakers are investing in significant equipment and technology to achieve low DO levels to mitigate oxidation.

Wineshield is a perfect solution to managing SO2 levels through supplemental dosing to assist in limiting staling and oxidation.



Stoak’s extracts are all in highly concentrated liquid form, this has major benefits for our clients as it means simple addition with no mixing, preparation, mess or fuss. The extract goes to work immediately as it engages with the product immediately on a molecular level allowing for rapid and predictable integration.

There are no risks of scalping normally associated with powders, no need for lengthly circulation associated with solids and no requirement for post-addition filtration, simply add, pump through and allow our extract to do its work.


All of our products are certified organic and registered as GRAS (Generally recognised as safe), they fall under the harmless colouring, flavoring and blending materials category and are suitable for use in a wide variety of food and beverage products.

Being organic registered means you have the piece of mind that our products are safe for use in your products whilst ensuring that we are compliant with any organic certification you have or are applying for.

Stoak products carry additional certifications including Non-Allergen, Non-GMO, Kosher, Heavy metal and pesticide free, Kosher, Halal and more.


The Stoak organisation is geared toward supporting ongoing knowledge, understanding and the expansion of our extraction technology and products.

From our technical team through to our sales and client support infrastructure we are constantly developing the application and extraction technology.

Our drive is to better understand how nature is acting in our product and how this can assist food and beverage clients in meeting both their current and future product development and stability challenges as well as saving on costs in essential production processes.


Our preservation products have all been extensively tested to ensure that they do not interfere in any way with your existing recipe or product profile.

The Stoak range of preservatives have been specifically formulated and extracted to make sure that we are only targeting the congeners, tannins and phenols specifically aimed to preserve, not flavor.

Dosing rates are extremely low and testing has been carried out on extremely sensitive food types with no identifiable change. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that any concerns are managed at the trial phase.


Stoak regularly engages with its clients to assess and test the unique requirements of their product development teams. This involves product formulation, extract variant analysis as well as product application testing.

We have trail protocols, white papers and programs setup to undertake full evaluation and testing to provide proof of concept and stability analysis with our clients. In all cases we work hand in hand with the client developing the right mix of ingredients for use in their products.