Natural solutions for food and beverage longevity

Very little that we consume is at “point of origin”, almost all food takes time to go from the grower or producer to the end customer and how these products change and deteriorate during this period has an enormous impact on quality, value and losses. Traditionally food and beverage companies have used almost any medium to protect the life span and quality, now there is a real and natural solution to solve their problems.


Food and beverages suffer quality decline from the moment they are made or harvested, this is due to the natural oxidation of highly sensitive color, flavor and aroma molecules. This means that your product quality will diminish a long time before your product “goes off”, impacting on customer experience, returns rates, loyalty and wastage.

Stoak’s range of preservatives incorporate some of nature’s most potent antioxidants, that through advanced EPM testing has shown a 78% reduction in oxidation, resulting in retained food freshness, quality and taste. Many clients rely solely on this to preserve the expensive ingredients and core flavor differentiators of their products, resulting in high quality customer experiences and product security.


The protection of food and beverage products involve the preservation of the essential and desirable flavor, color and aroma of a product but also incorporate the elimination of undesirable flavors that accompany the ageing of food and beverages, the primary drivers of Shelf Life, Best Before and In Code dated products.

Stoak’s range of preserving extracts deal directly with these undesirable flavor additions through the natural preserving and precursors to oxidative off flavors associated with food and beverage that has “gone off”. This provides our clients the peace of mind that they are retaining the intended flavor, color and aroma of their products and that they taste as they did when harvested or produced.


Ingredients like vitamins or plant extracts with potential health-promoting effects can decay in foods over time. This is not generally perceived as staling, but it can limit the shelf-life of fortified foods. Under the US Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, fortified foods with less of their listed nutrient than declared are considered misbranded, thus illegal.

Functional additives derived from cannabis, for example, can show high instability. Their degradation may cause inaccuracy in label claims within a few months after packaging. By introducing alternative antioxidants like Stoak’s extracts, the oxidative stress on these functional additives is reduced. As a result, manufacturers can present their consumers with a higher quality product and live up to labelling claims for longer.



Stoak’s extracts are all in highly concentrated liquid form, this has major benefits for our clients as it means simple addition with no mixing, preparation, mess or fuss. The extract goes to work immediately as it engages with the product immediately on a molecular level allowing for rapid and predictable integration.

There are no risks of scalping normally associated with powders, no need for lengthly circulation associated with solids and no requirement for post-addition filtration, simply add, pump through and allow our extract to do its work.


All of our products are certified organic and registered as GRAS (Generally recognised as safe), they fall under the harmless colouring, flavoring and blending materials category and are suitable for use in a wide variety of food and beverage products.

Being organic registered means you have the piece of mind that our products are safe for use in your products whilst ensuring that we are compliant with any organic certification you have or are applying for.

Stoak products carry additional certifications including Non-Allergen, Non-GMO, Kosher, Heavy metal and pesticide free, Kosher, Halal and more.


The Stoak organisation is geared toward supporting ongoing knowledge, understanding and the expansion of our extraction technology and products.

From our technical team through to our sales and client support infrastructure we are constantly developing the application and extraction technology.

Our drive is to better understand how nature is acting in our product and how this can assist food and beverage clients in meeting both their current and future product development and stability challenges as well as saving on costs in essential production processes.


Our preservation products have all been extensively tested to ensure that they do not interfere in any way with your existing recipe or product profile.

The Stoak range of preservatives have been specifically formulated and extracted to make sure that we are only targeting the congeners, tannins and phenols specifically aimed to preserve, not flavor.

Dosing rates are extremely low and testing has been carried out on extremely sensitive food types with no identifiable change. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that any concerns are managed at the trial phase.


Stoak regularly engages with its clients to assess and test the unique requirements of their product development teams. This involves product formulation, extract variant analysis as well as product application testing.

We have trail protocols, white papers and programs setup to undertake full evaluation and testing to provide proof of concept and stability analysis with our clients. In all cases we work hand in hand with the client developing the right mix of ingredients for use in their products.