More sustainable, more economical, more efficient – our three offerings

We extract proven anti-oxidants from oak, that naturally preserves beverages without changing their flavour. We tailor products for the craft beer, organic and bulk wine industries as well as for natural drinks like kombucha.

Our products replace the use of chemicals such as sulphites and flavour detracting processes such as pasteurisation. Our products extend shelf life and help retain the just made freshness, colour and aroma of beverages.

There is a global move away from synthetic additives as well as other allergens, towards natural and organic solutions without compromising quality. Stoak is part of that revolution and a natural alternative for brand owners and producers.

Spirits manufacturers are under increasing pressure to meet the growing demand for premium and quality spirits. Increasing supply is not currently doable, with extraordinary pressure on barrel supply and price.

Barrel ageing is a high cost multi-year investment in barrels and working capital that impacts final product cost. There is a multi-generational supply constraint pushing barrel prices ever higher.

Our sustainable wood extracts of 150 year old French oak and 90 year old American oak revolutionises the quality, speed and refinement of production for spirit producers, delivering new barrel product quality every time.

Bulk wine making has become a very big business. Economies of scale are important with bulk wine now accounting for 34% of all global sales by volume. This wine is shipped in containers and bottled in the destination country.

This part of the industry challenges wine makers to deliver a well-structured and finished product quickly and at volume.

Our Structan range of natural products addresses many of the challengers these wine makers face, from reduced chemical usage to increased quality, structure, colour and mouthfeel.