The foundation of our products

Stoak has been researching and testing its natural extracts for over 15 years, developing highly precise biotech extraction processes that are both natural and highly effective in isolating the core congeners and active ingredients that can transform food and beverage products.


Wood is a highly complex material, it is made up of core elements including hemicellulose, lignin, tannins and lactones. Subsets of wood are called congeners and these are considered to be the key drivers of what makes wood unique, specifically oak wood.

There are over 20 000 congeners contained within oak wood of which only a few hundred are named and most of these are largely unknown in terms of their organic relevance. It is these key congeners that our technology has focused on, it is not particularly complicated to carry out a botanical extract, the fragrance and flavoring industry has been built on extracts, however how do you extract the key magic from Oak Wood to deliver targeted solutions ?

Stoak has taken many years with a senior science team to perfect it’s method of extraction that focuses in on two differing sets of congeners that allow us to deliver the potent preservation of food and beverage and in our separate product set the structuring and finishing of wine and spirits.


The oldest oak tree alive today is over 2000 years old.

Key constituents exist within the wood of these trees to ensure its long term preservation, preventing rot, maintaining structure and supporting a healthy ecosystem. This is even more remarkable when you consider that the inner tree sections are no longer essentially living but well capable of breaking down and rotting. How does the tree continue in pristine condition after a decade or a century later ?

Stoak has been able to identify and extract a family of congeners into a highly concentrated natural and organic preservative for the food and beverage industry.


Oak barrels have been in use for thousands of years, simple to make, water tight, circular and capable of being moved easily and stacked into efficient space. Barrels were the only mass storage solution for a very long time.

During this time we have become accustomed to the flavor imparted by spirits and wine whilst being stored in barrels.

Stoak has been able to extract these same flavoring, finishing and maturation congeners that allow distillers and winemakers to emulate the barrelling process.


Stoak is geared toward supporting ongoing knowledge, understanding and the expansion of our extraction technology and products.

From our technical team through to our sales and client support infrastructure we are constantly developing the application and extraction technology.

Our drive is to better understand how nature is acting in our product and how this can assist food and beverage clients in meeting both their current and future product development and stability challenges as well as saving on costs in essential production processes.