World class certified facility

For reasons of technology security and intellectual property protection, Stoak has centralised all production activity into a single centre of excellence where all production, research and development is carried out.

Stoak’s accredited high volume facility is capable of manufacturing in excess of 1 million liters of product annually, we have secured raw material suppliers and are able to scale our output quickly and in line with customer demand.


Stoak’s manufacturing facility is full FSSC 2200 certified, representing the gold standard in food production applicable to all international food standards. This provides our customers confidence in our rigorous food safety system.

The site is annually audited by NSF another globally recognised organisation in the management of international food industry standards.


Our production facility is certified for use by the FDA, this is on the basis that our product meets FDA safety, process, FDDC 22000, packaging and labelling requirements as well as due to its GRAS (generally recognised as safe) classification.


Stoak products are certified as organic by Eccocert and OMRI. This certification is based upon our production processes and raw materials inputs.

These certifications apply to the extracts themselves as well as for use by our clients in their organic food products. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that our products are natural and safe whilst preserving the integrity of any organic certification and branding on their consumer products.


We maintain full batch traceability for all inputs, production and finished product.

All production batches are gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography tested prior to packaging to ensure all finished product is within specification.

Detailed MSDS, Certificates of analysis, Certificates of origin and other supporting information is provided. Production guidelines are provided including white-papers and scientific supporting information for use by the client. Dosing and trial protocols are included in this pack.


Stoak has invested significant effort into ensuring that it meets all food and beverage safety, quality compliance. These stringent controls and regulations cover a broad range of commercial and production areas from our processes through to our track and trace, quality and safety management systems. These registrations are not only to meet base standards but are cornerstone to our commitment to our clients and their customers.

All compliances are annually audited, reviewed and signed off by accredited and authorised independent validation companies.

Stoak has achieved the following compliance where all compliances are current and licensed with no material matters on record.


Our production facility has been established to be highly scalable from the infrastructure and processing reactors right through to supply chain and available raw materials supply.

We are able to deliver high quality, validated and certified product within 60 days from order anywhere in the globe.