Dedicated to our cause

Stoak has been researching and testing its natural extracts for over 15 years, developing highly precise biotech extraction processes that are both natural and highly effective in isolating the core congeners and active ingredients that can transform food and beverage products.

Modern Food Solutions

Customer and regulatory demands on the food and beverage industries are dynamic and challenging. Demands for healthier, more natural and non-synthetic solutions place an increasing burden on companies to innovate and continuously develop new solutions to meet changing demand.

Stoak has been working together with food industry clients for many years in creating new and innovative applications our oak wood extracts. We have applied our technology to a wide range of industries where clients have been looking for unique solutions to problems traditional approaches have simply been unable to solve.


Stoak operates in over 28 countries worldwide with presence on 5 continents, through our network of trusted partners, distributors and agents we are able to provide our customers support and backup further afield.

Our centralised production, science and laboratory support is able to service customer needs worldwide. We engage in research institutions, laboratories and formulators in Europe and the USA for product validation, certification and food/beverage compliance.

Local partnerships ensure immediate distribution of products to all customers globally.