Maturation alchemy

… adding oak extract to assist in maturing, smoothing and producing refined spirits products.

WLT-150 extracts contain Aromatic (Oak character) integrating congeners contained in 150 year old French oak and 90 year old American oak and converts them into a highly concentrated and effective liquid form.

WLT-150 has been designed to deliver the highest level of wood congeners and maturation adjuncts, producing superb flavor and improved mouthfeel, leaving treated product with a balanced smoothness and rounding desired by distillers and their customers alike.

WLT-150 contains the same core components found in the traditional barrel aged maturation process, in a highly concentrated liquid form with consequent accelerated maturation benefit. This has a major impact on cost by improving production efficiency and shorter maturation times.

WLT-150 a modern alternative to Oak Barrel Ageing

WLT 150 comes in 3 product variations.

WLT-150 Blend incorporates the best of French and American Oak in a 50/50 blended product. WLT-150 can also be applied in the final blending process to aid in boosting wood, vanilla and other aromatic components. Where the master distiller is looking to add depth to their product, WLT-150 can be accurately dosed until the appropriate aromatic profile is achieved.

WLT-150 French is made from 150 year old French oak and imparts more subtle flavors and firmer, but silkier tannins that deliver notes of spice, vanilla and smoke for greater mid-palate richness. Adding WLT-150 in liquid form, existing spirits gain complexity and rounding, ready for bottling in 48 hours. This allows the master-distiller to ensure that the outcome of the finished product is consistent with the same results every time

WLT-150 American is made from 90 year old American oak, which is sweeter and contains more vanillin compounds and imparts more obvious, stronger and sweeter aromas and flavors. These include coconut, sweet spices and dill.

The Distilling Challenge

Dosing WLT-150

  • Shake the container prior to opening

  • Measure out a quantity of WLT-150

  • Dose in blending tanks

  • Ensure it is properly mixed

  • You are good to go !

Min 5.0
Max 35.0

Very small dosages of WLT-150 are required, as our extract is already in a highly concentrated liquid form.

This makes measuring and adding really simple, no premixing or dissolving necessary.

Distillers can fine tune the delivery of WLT-150 as they wish and deliver the exact output they require (dosing shown here is all in mL dosed in 1L of spirits or at a ratio of #:1000)

Highly concentrated.

0 Gallons
of aged spirits from only 1.3gal WLT-150
0 Liters
of aged spirits from only 5L of WLT-150
0 Bottles
of aged spirits from only 5L of WLT-150

Frequently Asked Questions

WLT-150 is a highly concentrated Oak Wood Extract that imparts similar character delivered through Oak Barrel Ageing

WLT-150 comes in a concentrated liquid form and dosed into the spirits at blending.

WLT-150  is an entirely natural product. The OIV institute has officially approved the use of the product in wine and Stoak has completed full organic certification on all of it’s products.

WLT-150 is GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) approved as an additive.