Oak wood extract in an ISO 22000 and NSF approved facility

We deliver Oak wood extracts in our ISO 22000 and NSF approved facility Stoak has built an accredited high volume facility that is capable of manufacturing in excess of 1 million liters of product annually, we have secured raw material suppliers and are able to scale our output quickly and in line with customer demand. We also have over 10 000 liters of finished product available to ensure our customers are guaranteed supply in their high volume finished product manufacturing.

Liters per year capacity
times less wood used
Wood congeners we extract from

Compliance & Certification

World-class process and materials controls are maintained and NSF Audited. Our site and production processes are all  ISO 22000 and OIV certified.

Stoak products have been extensively tested both internally and externally they have been approved by the wine and spirits board in South Africa and has received South African food grade approval.

Traceability & Analysis

Full batch traceability is maintained for production and product compliance. All batches are gas chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography tested prior to packaging to ensure all finished product is within specification.

Documentation and Clearance

Full audit trail together with required import and food use qualification are provided.

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • Certificate of Origin

  • MSDS

  • Compliance, customs and clearance documentation

Fine Tune your production

We have precise control in our production process, this allows us to deliver the exacting characteristics of our STOAK products on each and every production run.

Our customers are able to fine tune the taste profile of their products, dialing in all elements to deliver an exact and precise outcome. Changes and control over the levels of dosing allows the blender to achieve a measure of control over flavor, color and taste profiles unheard of previously.